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Getting Allergy Shots at UHS

UT students who have started an allergy desensitization program (allergy shots) with an allergist can get their shots at UHS. Charges apply.

Allergy shots are administered by appointment during regular business hours. To schedule an appointment, call (512) 475-8301 or come to the UHS Allergy/Immunization Clinic on the second floor of the Student Services Building. Allergy testing is not available at UHS.

To get your shots at UHS bring your allergy extract and orders (instructions) to the Allergy/Immunization Clinic or have your allergist send it to us.

Each vial of allergy extract must be labeled with:

  • Patient's name
  • Name of the antigen(s)
  • Dilution
  • Expiration date

Allergy extract must be accompanied by orders that include:

  • Patient's name and telephone number
  • Allergist's
    • name
    • address
    • telephone number
    • fax number
  • Dosage instructions
  • Specific instructions regarding missed or late injections
  • Recommended dosage adjustment in the event of a reaction

Allergy extract can be mailed or delivered directly to:

UHS Allergy/Immunization Clinic
UT-Austin University Health Services
100 West Dean Keeton St., 2.402A
Austin, Texas 78712

For your safety, you must agree to wait 30 minutes after your shot as a precaution in the event of an adverse reaction. If you refuse to wait the full 30 minutes, you may not receive allergy shots at UHS. After 30 minutes, ask the nurse to check your arm. Tell the nurse immediately if you feel you are having a reaction.

Signs of a possible reaction include:

  • wheezing
  • tightness in the chest
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • general itching
  • developing a rash

When you graduate or take an extended break from UT

Call the Allergy/Immunization Clinic to let the staff know that you need to pick up your allergy extract and dosage sheets when you graduate, decide to leave UT, or if you want to take your extracts with you during extended periods away from Austin (such as semester breaks).

At the patient's request, UHS will send allergy extract to the patient's allergist by overnight delivery for a fee. Click the link below to download and complete a request form. Bring the form and your UT ID card or other valid photo ID to the UHS Allergy/Immunization Clinic during normal business hours.