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Depo-Provera® is a progestin-only birth control method that is an injection given by a healthcare provider every three months. The injection prevents pregnancy by stopping ovulation.

With consistent and correct use, less than one woman in 100 will become pregnant over the course of one year. 3 women in 100 who utilize Depo-Provera® will experience an accidental pregnancy in the first year with typical use.

Depo-Provera® does not protect against sexually transmitted infections. Use condoms to reduce the risk of STIs.

To find out if you are a candidate for Depo-Provera® you will need to make an appointment with a provider in Women's Health. Call University Health Services (UHS) at (512) 471-4955 to make an appointment with a Women's Health provider. You will discuss with a nurse practitioner whether Depo-Provera® is the right method for you.