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Marijuana 101

Online education for marijuana related violations

Lessons provide an overview of marijuana, its impact on the body, the laws and consequences, and how to reduce or stop marijuana use. Marijuana 101 provides in-depth, personalized feedback about your attitudes, behaviors, and risk levels related to marijuana use. Other information covered includes:
  • Regularity and patterns of marijuana use
  • Amount of time spent smoking marijuana compared with other activities
  • Time and money spent on marijuana
  • A comparison between your use of marijuana and other UT students marijuana use
  • Negative consequences of marijuana use
  • Readiness and confidence to make change
  • Links to campus and community resources

Marijuana 101 takes less than 3 hours to complete. You can login and out as needed. Upon completion, you will receive a completion notification by email.

Marijuana 101 Instructions

To receive credit you must follow enrollment instructions and select the correct control number.

Step 1

Go to

Step 2
Click on Begin Enrollment-College on the left side menu.

Step 3
When directed, enter the Control Number code below: