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LGBTQIA+ Healthcare at University Health Services (UHS)

UHS staff receive training on providing all UT Austin students quality care. UHS medical providers have undergone training specifically related to LGBTQIA+ healthcare.

Gender Care Resources

UHS offers general healthcare and manages gender affirming hormone therapy for students who have been stable on their medications for at least one year. UHS does not initiate hormone replacement therapy, but UHS staff are available for medical support and referrals. Students wanting to access these appointments should contact UHS by logging on to the MyUHS Portal, select “messages” followed by “new message,” and then select the last option in the drop down menu.

Students can request to be seen in either the Women's Health Clinic or the General Medicine Clinic for services typically provided in the Women’s Health Clinic, but please call the UHS appointment desk to schedule your appointment instead of making an appointment online.

Insurance and Patient Profile Update

Many medical expenses related to gender affirmation therapies are covered by UT Austin's Student Health Insurance Plan. Benefits are subject to medical necessity and specific criteria must be met.

Students with insurance plans other than the Student Health Insurance Plan who need these services can verify coverage by calling the Benefits Verification Specialist in the UHS Billing and Insurance Office at 512-475-8394.

The "My UHS" portal allows you to update your name and pronouns in your medical chart. Please note that changing your name and specifying your gender will not change the legal name attached to your medical records or your name in the wider university context. There may be circumstances under which your legal name must be used by UHS.

Other Campus Resources

UT University Health Services UT University Health Services

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