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As an RA, you are in a unique position to positively impact the health of our campus. Your residents look to you as a model of a well-balanced, healthy student. We know that when the semester gets tough and you have to put on a life skills program or make an educational bulletin board, it can be difficult to come up with creative and informative ideas. The Health Promotion office is here to help! On this page you will find resources to make your life easier while still allowing for you to produce quality events and boards that your HC will love.

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Healthyhorns Peer Educators are available to run workshops on your floor on topics ranging from Sex Trivia to physical activity to pub trivia. All you need to do is request the workshop, and the peer educators will do the rest! Learn how to request these student-led workshops here.

Board in a Bag

A full bulletin board with reliable fact-based information ready for you to download, print, and assemble. Have questions? Email


We offer the following posters for your use on bulletin boards, hallway signs, and more. Request one by emailing
  • Hydration/What Color is our Pee?
  • Safe Drinking
  • Sleep/ABC's of Catching ZZZs
  • 5 Ways to Love Your Body
  • Exercise Your Stress Away
  • Women's Health Do's and Don'ts
  • Be Prepared: Use a Condom
  • Condom Communication
  • Healthyhorns Stop Germs

Healthyhorns Safer Sex Ambassador Condom Request

You can use your programming funds to get up to 200 wrapped condoms and lubricant to distribute to your residents! Whether you're planning a full-scale educational event or promoting safer sex practices among your residents by maintaining a condom bowl in your hall, the Office of Health Promotion is here to help you make it happen.

First, submit an event planner to request a funds transfer (IDT) to UHS of $10 for every 50 condoms requested. Once your event has been approved, complete the Healthyhorns Safer Sex Ambassador Condom Request. Then bring a screenshot of your approval and event number to SSB 1.106 to pick up your condoms!

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