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Messaging Considerations

  • Recognize the impact that your words can have on others and practice respectful language when discussing mental health.
  • Use person-first language referring to mental illnesses or any type of mental health condition
    • Ex. Say “they are an individual living with (or experiencing) a mental illness” rather than “they are mentally ill.”
  • Avoid stigmatizing language when talking about mental health by using this guide.


  • Direct residents to the Resilience Education Module with Dr. Mary Steinhardt.
  • Promote LWC Spotify Playlists as part of daily coping tools.
  • Organize music themed events or quick meditation routines.
  • Invite a yoga instructor (Recreational Sports, a resident, or even a YouTube video) as a grounding and stress-reducing activity.
  • Invite the Longhorn Wellness Center Peer Educators to lead a workshop on self-care and/or resilience.
  • Encourage residents to become involved as a Mental Health Ambassador for your floor and consider collaborating with any residents who are interested in mental health promotion to plan activities or spread information to other residents.
  • Invite residents to use the Massage Services at Recreational Sports.
  • link to be that one programEnsure residents are aware that the Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC) is available to them and offers counseling and psychiatric services, groups, classes and workshops.
  • Encourage residents to get involved with the Longhorn SHARE Project, a resource for students seeking private, non-clinical, peer-based support around common issues and/or identities in individual or group settings.


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