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Substance Use Safety

Messaging Considerations

  • Practice using non-stigmatizing language surrounding substance use.
    • Ex. Avoid referring to individuals as “alcoholic,” “a drunk,” or “addict.” Instead, say “a person with a substance use disorder.”
    • Find guidelines for avoiding stigma and negative bias through language.
  • Be mindful of everyone’s different experiences around substance use. Don’t assume that everyone drinks, parties, etc.
  • Understand and share that many students’ perception of alcohol and drug use on campus is greater than actual reported UT student behaviors.
  • Openly discuss safer behavior around substance use, such as planning how you will get home, counting number of drinks consumed, eating before drinking, etc.


  • Encourage residents to follow @UTBruceTheBat on social media for tips on reducing risks while drinking and statistics about UT Austin students’ actions and attitudes when it comes to drinking.
  • Visit the SHIFT website for information on substance (alcohol, cannabis, illicit drugs, prescription drugs, etc.) use safety and available online and on-campus resources.
    • Encourage others to follow @utshift for information and tips related to substance use safety.
    • Request SHIFT Makers, a team of UT students who foster community and conversation while serving delicious zero-proof cocktails, to be at your event.
  • Request a workshop about substance use safety for your group.
  • Direct students to the Alcohol and Consent page to learn about how to approach consent during or after drinking.
  • Direct students to the BASICS and CASICS program if they want to learn more about alcohol and cannabis or feel that it is impacting their personal well-being or academics.
  • Direct any students in recovery or in hope of recovery to the Center for Students in Recovery, a supportive community where students can enjoy a genuine college experience free from alcohol and drugs.


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