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Want to be a Healthyhorns Safer Sex Ambassador? Now you can complete an online form to request up to 200 wrapped condoms and lubricant from the Office of Health Promotion in UHS. RAs and student organization leaders can become Safer Sex Ambassadors by distributing these condoms to residents or students at events, programs, or by maintaining a condom supply.

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Your "What I Owe" page will be charged a discounted rate of $10 for every 50 condoms requested. If you’re requesting condoms for personal use and cannot pay the $10 charge, you can petition for the fee to be waived.

If you are a Resident Assistant requesting condoms for distribution to your residents, submit an event planner to request a funds transfer (IDT) to UHS of $10 for every 50 condoms requested. (Example: 150 condoms = $30.) Once your event has been approved by your Area Manager, you may complete this form. Please bring a screenshot of your approval and event number to pick up your condoms.

Rules & Requirements

  1. Condoms obtained from the Healthyhorns Safer Sex Ambassador condom request may be distributed to UT Austin students only.
  2. Condoms obtained from the Healthyhorns Safer Sex Ambassador condom request may not be sold.
  3. Condoms must be distributed in their Healthyhorns Play Safe wrappers to ensure that instructions and resource information are available.
  4. Condoms must be stored in a cool place until they are distributed. (No car trunks, back seats, exposure to sunlight, etc. Heat damages condoms and decreases their effectiveness.)
  5. This resource is intended to promote safer sex practices among UT students. Condom requests that do not promote safer sex practices among UT students will not be approved.

Questions? Call the Health Promotion office at 512-475-8252.

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