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Thrive, a free iphone app to the enhance well-bing of UT-Austin students
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A free app to enhance the well-being of UT students

Thrive at UT is a free app designed to enhance UT student well-being and help students navigate through challenging times. Thrive helps you make small changes in your routine that have powerful long-term impacts. You will find short videos of UT students sharing their own stories and interact with activities designed to help you apply these concepts to your own unique experience.

Thrive at UT free iphone application
Thrive at UT free iphone application
Thrive app screen shot
Thrive app screen shot

Thrive at UT FAQ's

What does the app do?
Thrive was designed specifically for UT students, utilizing student input. Thrive at UT helps students make small changes in their routines that can have a powerful impact in their daily lives.

Who is the app for?
The app was created for all UT students at any UT System institution. Everyone can benefit from Thrive at UT.

What is in the app?
Thrive at UT consists of eight topic areas, which include community, gratitude, self-compassion, mindfulness, mindset, thoughts, moods, and purpose. In each area of the app, you will find an inspirational quote, a short video of a UT student sharing their own story, some helpful information, and an interactive activity. You can then choose how you interact with the app by customizing the reminders you receive from the app.

How does it work?
Thrive at UT was created to encourage students to make small, simple changes in their daily routines. You will go at your own pace through eight areas. Each area has proven benefit to well-being. You will work through the content in the app and then you may choose to receive gentle reminders to practice the skills you have learned. You choose how much and how often to interact with the app.

How can it enhance well-being? 
Research has documented that certain changes in behavior can lead to increased levels of well-being. The app will help you learn new skills and make small shifts in your everyday behavior. Habits like expressing gratitude or pausing for a few moments during a busy day to be mindful are simple but can have far-reaching positive impacts.

Who developed the app? 
Thrive at UT was developed through a collaboration between UT Austin counselors, students, and faculty. Student input was utilized at every step of the process to ensure that this app meets the needs of UT students. A Longhorn Innovation Fund for Technology (LIFT) grant provided initial funding for the project, and the UT Board of Regents has provided additional funding to support the app at all UT System institutions.

click here to find THRIVE on the App Store click here to find THRIVE on Google

If you have any questions or comments about Thrive at UT, please contact us.
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