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Methods of Contraception Class

Interested in hormonal contraception?
Want to learn about the Mirena or Paragard IUD?
Concerned about potential side effects?
Need to choose a method that will work with your lifestyle?

There are so many contraceptive options available that students may have a hard time figuring out which one is right for them. The Methods of Contraception Class covers hormonal methods, IUDs, and barrier methods. This class is an opportunity for students to learn about their contraceptive options before an appointment with a healthcare provider.

Offered in a small group setting, the Methods of Contraception class is taught by trained Healthy Sexuality Peer Educators and covers all of the methods available at University Health Services. The class covers effectiveness, use, cost, and availability, and allows your healthcare provider to spend more time on your individual needs.

During the summer the Methods of Contraception Class is offered by request in a one-on-one session. To schedule a session, call 512-475-8252 or come to the Health Promotion Resource Center, SSB 1.106.