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UHS Leadership

Terrance Hines, MD FAAFP Terrance Hines, MD FAAFP
Executive Director/Chief Medical Officer
Elisa Spradlin, M.D. Elisa Spradlin, M.D.
Associate Director of Medical Services and Clinical Operations/Assistant CMO
Susan Hochman Susan Hochman
Associate Director for Assessment, Communications, and Health Information Technology
Stephanie Dodoo Stephanie Dodoo
Associate Director for Health Equity and DEI Initiatives for Healthyhorns
Renee Mathews Renee Mathews
Assistant Director of Nursing Services
Katy Redd Katy Redd
Associate Director for Prevention, Development, and Media Relations
Brittany O'Malley Monica Dowd
Associate Director for Business Services
Neeta Bhakta Neeta Bhakta
Assistant Director for Ancillary Services
Robert Reed Robert Reed
Assistant Director for Health Information Technology Services

University Health Services Staff

General Medicine

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    Stephen Blair, M.D.
    Stephen Blair
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    Ginger Bloomer, M.D.
    Ginger Bloomer
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    Monique Cortez, M.D.
    Monique Cortez
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    Tara Cutler, MHS, PA-C
    Tara Cutler
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    Margaret Gilmore, MD
    Margaret Gilmore
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    Laura Goodell, MD
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    Jill Grimes, M.D. FAAFP
    Jill Grimes
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    Terrance Hines, MD FAAFP
    Terrance Hines, MD FAAFP
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    Nicole Lackowski, PA-C
    Nicole Lackowski
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    Karen Lee, M.D.
    Karen Lee
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    Melinda McMichael, M.D.
    Melinda McMichael
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    Megan Squibb Ream, MS,PA-C
    Megan Squibb Ream
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    Ismael Rivera, MD
    Ismael Rivera
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    Elisa Spradlin, MD
    Elisa Spradlin
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    Tim Spradlin, MD
    Tim Spradlin
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    James Wen-Huang Tai, M.D.
    James Wen-Huang Tai
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    Shalini Tewari, M.D.
    Shalini Tewari

Urgent Care Clinic

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    Preston Gorman, PA-C
    Preston Gorman, PA-C
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    Jennifer Sanchagrin, PA-C
    Jennifer Sanchagrin
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    David Vander Straten, M.D.
    David Vander Straten

Women's Health

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    Barbara Blizzard, RN, CNM
    Barbara Blizzard
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    Amy Graf, RN, BSN, MSN, CNM
    Amy Graf
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    Mariann Nielsen, WHNP-BC
    Mariann Nielsen

Nutrition Services

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    Jennifer Barnoud, MS, RDN, LD
    Jennifer Barnoud

STI Screening Clinic

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    Cynthia Brotzman RN, BSN
    Cynthia Brotzman
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    Krista Doabler, RN, BA
    Krista Doabler
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    Lisa Perron, RN, MPH
    Lisa Perron
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    Debbie Riggs, MSN, RN
    Debbie Riggs
  • +
    Ariel Seche BSN, RN
    Ariel Seche BSN, RN
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    Maruquel Vasquez, RN
    Maruquel Vasquez
  • +
    Maria Sonia Zuniga, RN, BSN
    Maria Sonia Zuniga

Allergy Immunization Travel Clinic

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    Karen Hickey, FNP-C
    Karen Hickey
  • +
    Ericka Holmes, LVN
    Ericka Holmes
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    Charlotte Katzin, RN, BSN
    Charlotte Katzin
  • +
    Kelli Kent, BSN, RN
    Kelli Kent

Physical Therapy Clinic

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    Emily Gonzales, PT, DPT
    Emily Gonzales
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    Scarlett Gonzalez, PTA
    Scarlett Gonzalez
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    Douglas King, P.T., D.P.T.
    Douglas King
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    Aleksandra Nguyen-Nikolovska, PTA
    Aleksandra Nguyen-Nikolovska

Sports Medicine Clinic

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    Patrick List, M.D.
    Patrick List
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    Robin Merket, M.D.
    Robin Merket

Integrated Health

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    Ayesha Akbar
    Akbar, Ayesha
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    Elana Bizer, LCSW
    Elana Bizer
  • +
    Kate Czar, PhD
    Kate Czar
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    Ellie Shuo Jin, PhD
    Ellie Shuo Jin
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    Geeti Shirazi Mahajan, LCSW
    Geeti S. Mahajan

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University Health Services is committed to providing high-quality care to patients of all ages, races, ethnicities, physical abilities or attributes, religions, sexual orientations, or gender identities/expression.


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