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We serve students, faculty, and staff.

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Our team uses the most current information from the Centers for Diseases Control, the World Health Organization, and Shoreland’s computerized Travel Health Information Services.

Your personalized consult includes:

  • Travel consultation with a healthcare professional trained in travel medicine.
  • Required and recommended immunizations based on your itinerary, personal history of immunizations, and planned activities during your trip.
  • General travel advice on preventive measures for food, drink, climate, and recreational activities.

Travel Consultations are required to receive travel vaccines such as Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Rabies, Polio, Hep A, and Japanese Encephalitis. Our travel specialist will arrange a separate visit with a UHS provider (separate UHS standard charge) for prescription medications for malaria prophylaxis, traveler’s diarrhea, or the prevention of altitude sickness.

Travel consultations are available in person or by telehealth

  • If traveling within two weeks, an in-person appointment is preferred to start necessary vaccines as soon as possible.
  • If you have a telehealth consult, you will need to make arrangements for an appointment for travel vaccines on a separate occasion.

How to Schedule

Travel Consultations can be scheduled by calling 512-475-8301.

Steps to your Visit

Step 1:
Call 512-475-8301 to make an appointment and complete the pre-visit questionnaire.

  • Schedule early (at least 6-8 weeks before departure) because there is considerable demand for appointments, especially before peak travel times (December, before Spring Break, April, and May)
  • All immunizations take two weeks to reach optimum effectiveness; some are given in a series.
  • If you do not have student/staff insurance, please get in touch with your insurance company to check coverage for vaccines at UHS.

Step 2:
Upload your immunization records on the MyUHS portal. This information is essential for our healthcare professionals to make the best recommendations about pre-travel immunizations.

Step 3:
Learn how to stay safe and healthy while traveling. We encourage you to learn about travel health through these two means:

  • Travel Health Online for free, up-to-date country-specific recommendations.
  • Travel Safety 101 assists travelers with essential safety mitigation while traveling abroad.
  • Health and Safety Resources knowing you have resources to deal with emergencies as they arise, can reduce the uncertainty associated with embarking on a study or research program.

Cost for Travel Health Consult

Enrolled student, faculty, and staff: $35 fee for travel consultation, not billed to insurance.

Immunization costs will be billed to insurance. If insurance does not cover the costs, patients will be responsible.

Prescriptions for travel meds will be written, if necessary. Patients can provide their insurance information to their pharmacy to check for coverage.

Appointments with a UHS provider for prescription medication is a standard visit charge.

Over-the-counter medications will be recommended to purchase.

Supplies will be recommended to bring on your trip.

Is your department paying for some or all travel costs? If so, disclose this information when making the appointment. Any charges not covered by your department will be your responsibility.


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