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Immunizations and Medical Clearance Requirements for Entering Students

Entering Dell Medical Students  - View information about medical clearance requirements and how to complete them.


Freshmen, transfer and readmitted students MUST COMPLY with all applicable medical clearance requirements (see chart below). They cannot register for classes until they satisfy these requirements.

Click the category in the chart below that pertains to you to find details about acceptable evidence of compliance for each requirement and how to submit documentation.

Please allow 7 to 10 business days for UHS to process your records and remove your medical bar.

Additionally, please be aware that you must wait one business day following your admission decision to access the MyUHS patient portal.

Category Students who are U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents International students
Evidence of immunity to MEASLES (RUBEOLA) Required for all students Required
Proof of MENINGOCOCCAL VACCINE administered:
On or after 1/16/19 for students entering Spring 2024.
On or after 6/6/19 for students entering Summer 2024.
On or after 8/26/19 for students entering Fall 2024.
Required if under age 22 on the first class day of the semester you will enter UT Austin Required if under age 22 on the first class day of the semester you will enter UT Austin
Evidence of Immunity to MUMPS AND RUBELLA Not required Required

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Definition of entering student

Medical clearance requirements apply to entering students, which include:

  • First-time UT Austin students
  • Students transferring from any institution of higher education to UT Austin
  • Students who are re-enrolling at UT Austin following a break in enrollment of at least one fall or spring semester. Students who complete a spring semester at UT Austin, are not enrolled for the summer at UT Austin, and who return in the fall are considered "continuing” (not “entering”) students.

Medical clearance requirements for students who are U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents

Evidence of MEASLES IMMUNITY (RUBEOLA) required for ALL students.

Evidence of measles immunity includes any of the following as long as the FIRST DOSE is administered on or after the first birthday and the SECOND dose is administered at least 28 days after the first dose:

  • A POSITIVE BLOOD TEST showing protective antibodies to measles (rubeola). A copy of the official lab report must be provided.

Acceptable documentation

Meningococcal Vaccine

The meningococcal vaccine is required by Texas law for students who will be age 21 or younger on the first day of classes of the semester they enter UT. The vaccine is required to be administered within five years of, but no later than ten days before, the first day of classes of the semester a student enters UT Austin. See the vaccine administration dates by entering semester below:

  • Students entering in Spring 2024 – the vaccine must have been administered on or after 1/16/19.
  • Students entering in Summer 2024 – the vaccine must have been administered on or after 6/6/19.
  • Students entering in Fall 2024 – the vaccine must have been administered on or after 8/26/19.

Texas law does not dictate a specific type of meningococcal vaccine to satisfy this requirement (e.g., a specific brand or a vaccine that protects against strains A, C, W, and Y or strain B only). Your healthcare provider can determine which vaccine you need if you do not have proof of a meningococcal vaccine within the timeframe described above.

If you are a UT student who needs a meningococcal vaccine, please contact the Allergy, Immunization and Travel Clinic.

Acceptable documentation

Acceptable documentation to meet requirements

Acceptable vaccine documentation includes:

  • the signature or stamp of a physician or his/her designee or public health personnel on a form that shows the month, day and year the required vaccines were administered,
  • an official immunization record generated from a state or local health authority that includes the same information as above,
  • an official record issued from school officials (including a record from another state) that includes the same information as above, or
  • documentation from a pharmacy where a vaccine was administered that includes the patient’s name, date of birth, name of the vaccine, date of administration and the name and signature of the pharmacy staff administering the vaccine or stamp of the facility. Pharmacy receipts and prescription labels are not sufficient to comply, even if they show the patient and vaccine name. We recommend taking the following form to the pharmacy where you will receive a vaccine in case they cannot provide similar documentation.
  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS may use this form.

Documents must be in English and include your full name and date of birth. Write your UT EID and the semester (spring, summer, fall and year) you are entering UT Austin on all pages of your documentation before submitting.

Acceptable documentation to show protective antibody results for measles as determined by a blood test (titer) must include a copy of the actual blood test results, not merely a healthcare provider’s report of "positive" or “antibodies present.”

Documents must be in English and include your full name and date of birth.

Exemptions from medical clearance requirements and required documentation

Enrollment in online or long-distance education programs or majors only. (This exemption does not apply to entering students who will take classes online during their first semester at UT but who are not enrolled in a completely online program or major. These students must comply as if they are taking classes in person and cannot register until they do so.)

Medical or reasons of conscience

Applicable to meningococcal vaccine and measles (MMR) vaccine requirements.

  • Medical. Before you can register for classes (including during orientation sessions), UHS must receive an affidavit or certificate signed by a physician who is licensed to practice medicine in the U.S. stating that, in the physician's opinion, getting a specific vaccine or vaccines would be injurious to your health and well-being. The affidavit must be in English and include your full name and date of birth.
  • Reasons of conscience (including a religious belief). You are strongly encouraged to consult a physician about the need for meningococcal and measles (MMR) vaccine before requesting an exemption. Before you can register for classes (including during orientation sessions), UHS must receive from you or your parent, if you are a minor:
  • MENINGOCOCCAL VACCINE REQUIREMENT. Texas law allows the following as the sole method for documenting an exemption to meningococcal vaccine requirements for reasons of conscience:
    • A notarized, ORIGINAL Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) Exemption from Immunizations for Reasons of Conscience Affidavit.
    • The ORIGINAL affidavit must be sent to UHS by U.S. mail or other shipping service or by hand delivery. Emails, faxes and copies of this form cannot be accepted.
    • Request this form well before your registration date. It must be mailed to you by TDSHS.
    • UHS cannot accept this form if received more than 90 days after the date it was notarized.
      Request a Texas Department of State Health Services Exemption from Immunizations for Reasons of Conscience Affidavit
  • MEASLES IMMUNITY REQUIREMENT as evidenced by vaccine. A completed UHS Exemption from Immunizations for Reasons of Conscience Form (this form may NOT be used for exemption from the meningococcal vaccine requirement).
    Download a University Health Services Exemption from Immunizations for Reasons of Conscience Form

International students may ONLY use the Texas Department of State Health Services Exemption from Immunizations for Reasons of Conscience Affidavit for vaccine requirement exemptions.

How to submit your documentation to UHS

Keep a copy of medical clearance requirement-related documentation you submit to UHS to use as a backup in case there are issues with submitting your information.


Upload via MyUHS, the UHS patient web portal (preferred submission method)

duo logo

To increase security, multi-factor authentication (Duo) is required to access most online services requiring a UT EID login, including MyUHS.

Instructions for setting up DUO

How to upload your documents via MyUHS.

  • Log onto MyUHS (ensure you have set up Duo)
  • Click on Medical Clearances
    • Click “Immunization Record” and upload your records
    • For each required immunization, enter the type(s) and date(s) exactly as shown on your record. Click Done when finished.
  • Once your records are reviewed and verified by UHS, your status will show as compliant
  • If uploaded documents do not fully satisfy requirement(s), UHS will contact you by secure message in the patient portal to describe what is needed to become compliant.

By Email:

Immunization records are no longer accepted by email

By U.S. Mail:

ATTN: Immunization Compliance
The University of Texas at Austin
University Health Services
P.O. Box 7339
Austin, TX 78712

  • Write your full name, EID the semester you are entering (e.g., fall 2022) and your email on your documents
  • IMPORTANT: If you will attend a virtual/online or in-person New Student Orientation session, write the date it starts on the outside of your envelope (e.g., day/month/year – “Orientation").
  • READMITTED STUDENTS also write "Readmit" on the outside of your envelope.
  • DELL MEDICAL SCHOOL STUDENTS also write "Dell Medical School" on the outside of your envelope.


(512) 475-8288
During rush periods, you may receive busy signals before being able to complete your fax.

Include the following on your cover sheet or faxed document:

  • Your full name
  • Your UT EID
  • Your initial semester term (e.g. spring, summer, fall or winter) AND semester year.
  • Your New Student Orientation start date.

DELL MEDICAL STUDENTS write "Dell Medical School."


When to submit documentation

  • Do not submit when you apply. Submit as soon as you are accepted/admitted and have decided to come to UT Austin.
  • Submit at least two weeks before your intended registration date.

You cannot register for classes until UHS has received acceptable documentation proving you have satisfied applicable medical clearance requirements, even if you plan to register during a New Student Orientation session.

How to determine whether your documentation has been processed and your registration bar has been removed

Log in to your Registration Information Sheet (except for Dell Medical Students). Scroll to Registration Bars to see whether you have a medical (or “H”) bar. This bar will go away when your documentation has been processed.


If it has been more than two weeks since you submitted documentation, and you have not received a secure message indicating a deficiency, call (512) 475-7735 to check the status.

Recommended immunizations for entering students

Read about recommended immunizations

Where you can get vaccines to satisfy medical clearance requirements (including those without insurance)

Getting vaccines at UHS:

Admitted students can call UHS at 512-475-8301 option 2 to schedule an appointment to get required vaccines.

Please do not wait until the last minute before your registration time. The inability to obtain a vaccine at UHS or any other facility due to lack of appointment availability will not be considered a valid reason for a waiver of requirements so you can register.

To determine whether or how much your insurance company will pay for vaccines administered at UHS, contact your insurance company. Health insurance is not required to use UHS.

Find out whether UHS accepts (is in network with) your insurance
UHS Charges Policy (pdf)

Other vaccine resources

  • Most doctors' offices and private clinics
  • Many large pharmacy chains
  • Some minor emergency centers or walk-in clinics
  • If you have Medicaid or CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Plan), contact your established healthcare provider as your first option.

If you are uninsured or your insurance will not cover vaccines:

  • Those 18 or younger might qualify for the Texas Vaccines for Children Program. Call the United Way helpline (dial 211) to find participating healthcare providers in your area.
  • Many full-service, city/county health departments in Texas offer free or low-cost vaccines through programs for those 18 or younger. Some offer vaccines for those over 18.

Full Service" City/County Health Departments in Texas
Austin/Travis County "Shots for Tots" (18 and under) and "Big Shots" (over 18)

hours Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm by appointment Monday - Friday, 8am to 5pm
by appointment
512) 471-4955 (512) 471-4955
email uhs Email UHS

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