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Brief Alcohol Screening & Intervention for College Students (BASICS)

BASICS is designed to assist students in examining their own drinking behavior in a judgment-free environment. BASICS is not an abstinence-only program. Instead, goals of the program are selected by the student and aimed at reducing risky behaviors and potential harmful consequences.

Services provided through BASICS are non-judgmental, non-labeling, and confidential. BASICS involves two meetings with a BASICS Facilitator:

Meeting #1. The initial meeting is with a small group of students, and students discuss an overview of the program and issues related to their drinking. Approximately 1 hour.

Online Assessment. As part of the initial session, the student is expected to complete an online assessment in our office.

Meeting #2. The second meeting is a one-on-one follow-up meeting. It is held about two weeks after initial meeting and provides the student with personalized feedback based on the assessment and focuses on ways to reduce future risk. Approximately 1 hour.

All students at The University of Texas at Austin are welcome to sign-up for BASICS. There is no charge to participate. Students may be sanctioned to take BASICS or they may choose to participate on their own accord. Students who sign-up but do not attend or cancel within 2 hours of their scheduled appointment will be charged a $25 no-show fee. The no-show fee applies to both the first and second session. The no-show fee will be billed to the student's "What I Owe" page.

BASICS is administered by trained graduate students through the Longhorn Wellness Center office in University Health Services.

To participate in BASICS, visit https://utexas.basicsfeedback.com/portal.

If you have questions about BASICS click here.

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