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Eligibility to Use University Health Services and Service Extension Fee

Your current enrollment status and current state of residence determine your ability to use the services provided by University Health Services. This is because UHS services are funded, in part, by tuition and most UHS providers can only practice in the State of Texas.

Determine your eligibility to use UHS services by reading through the information below.

Current Students

#1. What is Your Current Enrollment Status?

You are enrolled in Fall 2022 classes.
You can use UHS services from August 19, 2022 to January 7, 2023.

#2. What is Your Current State of Residence?

Within the State of Texas
If you are currently living within the State of Texas and currently enrolled in classes or if you are currently living within the State of Texas and you have paid the service extension fee, you can use all UHS services as your location within the state permits. UHS provides services through both in-person and telehealth appointments.

Outside of the State of Texas
If you are currently living outside of the State of Texas and currently enrolled in classes or if you are currently living outside of the State of Texas and you have paid the service extension fee, you may access these services:
24/7 Nurse Advice Line providing 24/7 guidance on whether or how soon you should see a medical professional. Call 512-475-6877.

New Incoming Students Currently Located in Texas

New incoming students do not have to pay the fee to get immunizations and medical tests at UHS that are required or recommended to enroll.

Post-Doctoral Fellows and University/Visiting Scholars Currently Living in Texas

These individuals are not officially registered for UT Austin classes. UHS requires specific documentation from the program with which they are affiliated. They can then pay the fee to access services.

English Language Learning (ELL) Students Currently Living in Texas

To access UHS services, ELL students must pay the fee. However, they can attend immunization clinics scheduled for ELL students without paying the fee.

Faculty and Staff

UT faculty and staff who are currently living in Texas can access the following UHS services without having to pay the service extension fee.

  • Travel health
  • Physical therapy
  • Nutrition services
  • Flu shots
  • Certain outreach programs including obtaining COVID-19 self-test kits
  • Other services specially arranged by their department

Charges apply.

Who Cannot Pay the Fee to Access UHS Services

  • Graduating students who will not return the semester following graduation.
  • Those who last attended UT more than one semester prior to the current semester.
  • Partners and children of UT students.

Service Extension Fee - Cost and Payment

Per semester, the Service Extension Fee is $50 to access UHS services and $25 to access CMHC services.

  • If you have purchased the UHS service fee first, no additional payment will need to be made to access services for CMHC.
  • If you have purchased the CMHC service fee first, an additional payment of $25 will need to be made to access UHS services.

The fee is non-refundable and cannot be prorated, meaning the fee amounts remain the same even if paid after the semester begins.

It is an access fee, not health insurance, and allows individuals to use UHS services through the end of that semester. Charges apply for UHS services, just as they do for enrolled students.

Pay the service extension fee online or call 512-475-8394.

Assistance with Paying the Service Extension Fee

Charges should not be a barrier to accessing services. If you’re unable to pay the service extension fee, apply for the Student Emergency Services Fund. This fund provides limited emergency financial support to currently enrolled students who are unable to meet essential expenses due to a temporary or unexpected hardship. Visit deanofstudents.utexas.edu/emergency or call 512-471-5017, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. for assistance.


If you are unsure whether you need to pay the Service Extension Fee, call the Billing and Insurance Office at (512) 475-8394.

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