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Getting Flu Shots on Campus

Join thousands of UT students, faculty, and staff who get their flu shot each fall during the UHS Flu Shot Campaign. Immunization sites will be located across campus from 9/25 through 10/18/18.

See the links below to find the campaign schedule and information on who is eligible to get a flu shot at these clinics, required documentation, charges, insurance, and payment methods.

Flu shots for UT faculty and staff are made possible by support from the Office of the President.

The Alana Yaksich Memorial Foundation’s College/University National Flu Vax Challenge Click here to help UT Austin win!

The Alana Yaksich Memorial Foundation’s College/University National Flu Vax Challenge
(Just 5 multiple choice questions. No personal/contact info requested.)

UHS administers the quadrivalent influenza vaccine. It contains no preservatives (thimerosol). UHS does not administer the high-dose flu vaccine for people over age 65.

Getting a flu shot is the best way to prevent the flu.

The U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that everyone gets a flu shot every year, unless medical reasons prevent it.

The flu shot won't give you the flu. UHS administers the inactivated virus flu vaccine. Viruses in this vaccine have been killed, so you can't get the flu from the shot

You must bring the following to a clinic to get a flu shot.

  • Your UT ID card or, if you are a retiree, proof that you’ve retired from UT.
  • Your health insurance card or complete insurance information, if you are insured. If on a parent’s/guardian’s insurance policy, you’ll need the policy holder’s birthdate. Insurance isn’t required for students to get the flu shot.
  • RETIREES ONLY: a driver’s license or other documentation showing your birthdate.

Download and print a Flu Shot Campaign Schedule Flyer to post or project
Information on Charges, Insurance, and Payment Methods
Students Only – Speed up Your Flu Shot Check-in
Information on the flu vaccine including who should and should not get a flu shot
Information on preventing, recognizing, and treating the flu

Campus Flu Shots Schedule, 2018-2019 Flu Season

Date Time Location
Tuesday, Sept. 25 Noon - 4pm Student Services Building (SSB G1.310)
Wednesday, Sept. 26 1pm - 4pm Facilities Complex Building 1 (FC1 1.118)
Thursday, Sept. 27 Noon - 4pm Texas Union Ballroom (UNB 3.202)
Friday, Sept. 28 11am - 2pm Pickle Research Center (TCB1.302), RecSports Gym in The Commons
Tuesday, Oct. 2 Noon - 4pm Student Services Building (SSB G1.310)
Wednesday, Oct. 3 Noon - 4pm School of Law, Townes Hall Atrium (TNH)
Thursday, Oct. 4 Noon - 4pm McCombs School of Business, Hall of Honors (CBA 1st Floor)
Tuesday, Oct. 9 Noon - 4pm Student Services Building (SSB G1.310)
Wednesday, Oct. 10 Noon - 4pm Student Activities Center Ballroom (SAC 2.410/2.412)
Thursday, Oct. 11 Noon - 4pm Student Services Building (SSB G1.310)
Tuesday, Oct. 16 Noon - 4pm Gregory Gym Games Room (GRE 3.120)
Wednesday, Oct. 17 Noon - 4pm Texas Union Ballroom (UNB 3.202)
Thursday, Oct. 18 Noon - 4pm Student Services Building (SSB G1.310)

UHS Flu shot costs, insurance, and payment methods

ATTENTION RETIREES: UHS can only file claims with UT Select if you are under age 65. At age 65, Medicare becomes your primary insurance, and UHS cannot file claims with Medicare. The charge to retirees age 65 or older will be $10. Cash and checks only are accepted. Cards cannot be used for payment. Please remember that you can get your flu shot at no cost to you at most major in-network pharmacies that accept Express Scripts for UT Select.

Insurance billed for:

  • UT faculty/staff with UT Select. Must present UT ID and UT Select cards.
  • UT retirees under age 65 with UT Select. Must bring UT ID card or other proof of retirement and a driver’s license or document showing birthdate.
  • UT students with health insurance plans accepted by UHS (excludes HMO plans, plans underwritten by companies based outside the U.S., and government plans such as Medicare or Medicaid). Must present UT ID and complete insurance information, including name and birthdate of the policy holder, if insured under someone else’s plan (e.g. parent, partner).

$10 charge for: (Cash or check only – no cards. Students may ask UHS to bill "What I Owe.")

  • UT faculty and staff with no insurance or insurance other than UT Select. Must bring UT ID card.
  • UT retirees age 65 or older. Must bring a drivers’ license or other document showing date of birth and a UT ID card or other proof of retirement.
  • Uninsured UT students or those with HMO plans, plans with companies based outside of the U.S., or government plans (e.g. Medicare and Medicaid).

Insured Students Only – Speed up your flu shot check-in!

Enter your insurance information in advance online if you haven't done so for a prior UHS visit by clicking here.

  1. Log in
  2. Click "Messages" on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click "New Message."
  4. Click "I want to submit my insurance information" and follow the instructions.

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