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Do I Have a Problem With Alcohol or Drugs?

Take a look at the following symptoms and ask yourself honestly, "Do some of these apply to me?" Keep in mind that almost no one has them all.

  • My drinking or drug use sometimes causes problems.
  • I sometimes set limits on the amount I will drink or use and then exceed those limits.
  • I sometimes make promises to myself or someone else about drinking and drugging and then break those promises.
  • I sometimes lie about or try to hide the frequency and/or amount of my drinking or drug use.
  • I sometimes forget or deny things that happen when I was intoxicated or high on drugs.
  • I sometimes behave very differently when intoxicated or high on drugs than when sober or clean, almost as if I'm a different person.
  • I sometimes tend to avoid social functions where alcohol and/or drugs may not be available.
  • I've embarrassed, angered, or frightened other people when I was drunk or high.
  • I have a very high tolerance, I can drink a lot without acting or feeling highly intoxicated.
  • I sometimes feel guilty, embarrassed, or remorseful about things I said or did while intoxicated or high on drugs.
  • I occasionally drink or use drugs in the morning or early in the day to treat a hangover or to avoid the shakes or other withdrawal symptoms.

How many "yes" answers do you need to diagnosis a problem? It depends. If you answered "yes" to one or more, then it may be worth taking a closer look.

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