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Office of Health Promotion

UHS Health Promotion

Our aim is to help UT students get and stay healthy

A student's health and their ability to thrive academically are closely linked. The Office of Health Promotion (OHP) supports the mission of University Health Services by offering programs that help prevent health conditions or health-related behaviors from being a barrier to a student's academic and personal success.

Our Programs and Initiatives

alcoholedu and haven alcohol risk reduction and sexual assault prevention
AlcoholEdu & SAPU
Alcohol Risk Reduction & Sexual Assault Prevention

alcohol risk reduction
Alcohol Risk Reduction

bruce the bat social norms campaign
Bruce the Bat
Social Norms Campaign

Fitness on Forty Acres
Fitness on Forty Acres
Physical Activity Resources

healthy student orgs
Healthy Student Orgs
Health Resources for Student Orgs

peer educators uhs student educators
Healthyhorns Peer Educators
UHS Student Educators

healthyhorns play safe healhty sexuality program
Healthyhorns Play Safe
Healthy Sexuality Program

UHS lending library
Lending Library
Health Topic Focused Library

love your body positive body image promotion
Love Your Body
Positive Body Image Promotion

healthy resources for RAs
RA Resources
Health Resources for RAs

Healthy Sleep Promotion
Sleep & Napping
Healthy Sleep Promotion

prescription drug abuse prevention
Study Natural
Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

Our Strategy

The Office of Health Promotion addresses priority health issues on campus. Our evidence-based approach includes multi-level prevention strategies such as peer education, health education, social marketing, social norms initiatives, environmental change strategies, and strategic campus partnerships.

A Focus on Data

Assessment and evaluation are at the core of our work. We ground our initiatives and programs in research and evaluation that ensure these efforts are needed, relevant, and effective. In addition to ongoing assessment of our various initiatives, we adminster the National College Health College Health Assessment to inform our health promotion efforts.

Stay Connected

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and sign up for our Healthyhorns TXT to get tips and up to date information on staying healthy! The Wellness Network is a campus-wide coalition committed to assessing and addressing the health and wellness needs of students, faculty, and staff at The University of Texas at Austin.

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