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Where can I get tested for Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV?

If you are sexually active, get tested for STI's. Less than half of American adults ages 18-44 have ever been tested for an STI other then HIV. Early diagnosis and management are important in reducing the risk of complications, so don't delay!

UT students can get confidential HIV Antibody and STI testing at University Health Services. The results are available in 2-4 days. Charges apply, but you don't have to pay on the day of your appointment. Call UHS to schedule an appointment. You can also call the UHS Nurse Advice Line (512) 475-NURS (6877) if you have questions or concerns.

For anonymous HIV testing, contact the Austin Travis County Health and Human Services Department at (512) 972-5580 for an appointment.

University Health Services STI Testing
Patient Rights and Privacy

What is the difference between anonymous and confidential HIV testing?

With anonymous HIV testing, no identifying personal information is associated with your test results and therefore no information will be added to your medical record.

With confidential testing, the results go into your personal medical record. These records are kept strictly private according to federal law. No one besides your healthcare provider may see your medical record unless you give written permission or your records are subpoenaed by a court of law (a very rare circumstance). We absolutely will not notify your parents, friends, partners, professors, or anyone else about your results.

If UHS bills your insurance for anything (including appointments or lab tests), the policy holder will receive a statement (called an Explanation of Benefits) that explains the reason for your appointment. If you have health insurance through a family member, they will not see your test results, but may be able to determine what the charges are for.

Students who prefer to keep a visit private or whose insurance company will not pay for HIV or STI testing at UHS can elect not to have thir insurance company billed and just pay at the UHS Billing and Insurance Office or ask UHS to bill their What I Owe.

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Patient Rights and Privacy

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