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Summer Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday
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More information on Charges and Insurance

You can get diagnostic lab tests on campus at UHS. Charges apply.

Getting Lab Tests

To get lab tests, you need an order from a healthcare provider. Charges apply. You don't need an appointment.

Your healthcare provider should explain how to prepare for a lab test, if needed, but feel free to call with any questions.

Orders from off-campus healthcare providers should be faxed directly to us or brought to us in advance.

We perform some tests in our UHS laboratory. Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) performs the tests we cannot do and sends us the results.

Health Insurance and Billing

UHS accepts most major insurance plans. You do not need insurance to use UHS. If you have insurance but prefer not to use it for privacy reasons, please tell us at each visit.

If you use health insurance:

Some health insurance plans cover lab tests only when done by a specific lab. Ask your health insurance company how your plan covers lab tests, specifically when done by CPL.

If CPL performs your tests and if your insurance plan requires you to pay for any part of the cost, you will receive a bill in the mail from CPL for the amount you owe. CPL cannot post charges to your What I Owe.

If you have health insurance but don't want to file a claim for your lab test: you are eligble for a discounted rate but must pay in full on the same day as your visit and it is your responsiblity to inform the Billing and Insurance Office that you do not want to file a claim.

If you are covered by Medicaid or Medicare: You can pay UHS on the day of your visit or have UHS bill your What I Owe. A discounted rate and payment plans are available.

You can pay UHS on the day of your visit or have UHS bill your What I Owe. A self-pay discount and payment plans are available.

For more information about charges, insurance, and payment, visit the Billing and Insurance Office in SSB 2.106 or call (512) 475-8394

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