UT University Health Services

Medical Withdrawals and Course Load Reductions

Significant medical or mental health problems can affect your ability to attend classes or perform academically. In these cases, you may apply for a course load reduction or a semester withdrawal.

All requests for current semester withdrawal will be processed by the office of the academic dean of your school/college until the mid semester withdrawal deadline. After that date, requests for a semester withdrawal for medical reasons will be processed by University Health Services; and requests for a semester withdrawal for mental health reasons will be processed by Counseling and Mental Health Center.

Before you apply, consider viewing this link about resources available to you for the most common reasons students withdraw. These resources might help you such that you can avoid withdrawal, or if withdrawal is necessary, they can be helpful to you to address the concern that you have, setting you up for success subsequent to your withdrawal.

See Helpful Links for instructions describing the application process. Read them carefully. In some instances, approval can affect your financial aid, housing, student academic employment (TA, AI, GRA, fellowship, etc.) and/or immigration status and/or veteran benefits. To proceed:

  1. Read the application process instructions and download the application.
  2. Complete steps 1, 2, and 3 of the application.
  3. Take the application to your Dean's office and obtain the needed signatures.
  4. Finish the application and sign it. Then mail, fax, or take it to:

Mailing address:
CLR/MW Application Coordinator, Services for Students with Disabilities
100 Dean Keeton St. STOP A4100
Austin, TX 78712-1093

Office location:
Student Services Building - SSB 4.206

(512) 475-7730

Additional contact information is listed on the brochure and the application.

We cannot process your application until it is complete, including all necessary documentation and signatures.

One of these offices will process your application and notify you of the decision within 10 business days:

Services for Students with Disabilities
University Health Services
Counseling and Mental Health Services

DEADLINES for Application Submission - Summer 2019


First summer session deadline - Thursday, July 11, 2019
Nine-week session - Tuesday, July 30, 2019
Second summer & whole session - Friday, August 16, 2019


All summer sessions - Friday, August 16, 2019

Forms and Resources

Medical Withdrawal and Course Load Reduction Process (PDF)
Application for Medical Withdrawal/Course Load Reduction
SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES: Application for Medical Withdrawal/Course Load Reduction
UT Counseling and Mental Health Center
Services for Students with Disabilities
Office of the Dean of Students on withdrawals and readmittance to UT

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