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SHARE Chats: Individual Peer Support

What Are SHARE Chats?

SHARE Chats are a private, non-clinical, one-on-one resource for support and validation from fellow UT Austin students who’ve been there. All of our SHARE Support Specialists are certified in Mental Health First Aid and have a semester+ of training in helping peers explore and articulate thoughts and emotions, navigate tough decisions, identify inner strengths, and connect to other resources that can support their mental health and well-being.

SHARE Chats may be helpful for students who:

  • are undecided about whether to pursue therapy (or any other campus resource) and want to learn more about their options from a student’s perspective.
  • want to improve their social confidence, self-compassion, or relationships but find older adults intimidating to reach out to for help.
  • have difficulty talking about mental health or seeking support and could use reassurance from someone with a similar background.
  • need someone to vent to about the stresses of life so they can avoid placing the burden entirely on family, friends, or partners.
  • want help from a third party to talk through complex situations, make tough decisions, or define personal wellness goals.
  • already have a relationship with a therapist, but want to connect with a peer in a non-clinical setting to talk about their shared experiences and/or diagnoses and exchange coping strategies.


Please be advised that SHARE Chats are not counseling sessions, nor are our peers qualified to diagnose or treat mental health conditions. We can help peers explore other resources and options, but students specifically seeking clinical counseling services should visit the Counseling & Mental Health Center website for more information.

If you need immediate mental health support, please contact the CMHC Crisis Line at 512-471-2255.

How to Meet with Us

For the time being, individual SHARE Chats with a SHARE Support Specialist can be requested via the online form below.

Who Will I Chat With?
You have the option of requesting a specific SHARE Support Specialist on the request form if you wish. Please be aware that our Specialists are also students so their individual availability may vary, but we will do our best to accommodate requests.

Learn more about each of them and their interest areas by reading their bios on our Who We Are page.

Have questions about SHARE Chats?

Just email longhornshareproject@utexas.edu. To receive updates on our services, ask to be added to our listserv!

You can also find answers to common questions about SHARE and peer support on this page, or feel free to contact us at the address above.


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