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Body Art Safety - Tattoos

Many college students have tattoos and, with the right precautions, tattooing and other body art practices can be totally safe.

If you have a design of your own or want an artist to create a custom design for you, make an appointment with an artist to talk about what you want. If you want a custom design, a good tattoo artist will help you refine it and will create a mock-up that you can approve or change before going forward with the actual tattoo.

Most tattoo artists and studios have a portfolio of designs that they can create if you don't have a custom design in mind.


  • Ask friends and acquaintances for tattoo artist recommendations
  • Check out a tattoo studio before committing to getting tattooed or spending money
  • Ask to see their autoclave and for an explanation of their safety procedures
  • Meet the artist and make sure you feel safe with them
  • Ask for written aftercare guidelines
  • Purchase aftercare products (saline solution, anti-microbial soap, etc.) in advance

When visiting a studio, ask about their safety procedures. You should not get a tattoo at a studio that does not use:

  • New, medical grade, sterile gloves for every customer
  • An autoclave to sterilize instruments
  • New needles and pigment tubes for every customer

Studios should have a clean appearance - if the floors are dirty or the work areas look cluttered, the studio might not do a good job of taking care of its sterile equipment, either. Studio employees should be more than willing to show you their autoclave and explain their safety procedures if you ask.

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