Health and Well-Being at UT

The Healthyhorns team is dedicated to fostering optimal health, recognizing its pivotal role in academic achievement. We provide comprehensive medical care, mental health services, and health promotion initiatives tailored to support and sustain well-being.

Student Services Building
100 West Dean Keeton Street
Austin, TX 78712

University Health Services

An on‐campus medical facility serving the students, faculty and staff of UT Austin. Providing healthcare, public health leadership, and additional services designed to protect and advance the health of the Longhorn community.

Counseling and Mental Health Center

Providing high quality mental health support through assessment and referral, group and individual counseling, psychiatry, and well-being services to the students of UT Austin.

Longhorn Wellness Center

Creating a culture of student and campus well-being though programs, education, health messages, student engagement and collaboration.

24/7 Care

Use one of these 24/7 services provided by University Health Services and Counseling and Mental Health Center.

24/7 Nurse Advice Line

Speak with a nurse to decide whether or how soon you should see a medical professional.


24/7 Crisis Line

Speak with a mental health professional to receive crisis counseling and support.



A virtual mental health and well-being platform.

Getting Started with Healthyhorns

Start here to learn about our services and the appointment and intake processes.

University Health Services

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Longhorn Wellness Center

Features and Updates

University Health Services

International Student Immunization Clinics

Obtain required immunizations and testing before registration.

August 16, 19, 20 and 23, Student Services Building, Allergy, Immunization, and Travel Clinic (Room 2.102)

University Health Services

No Additional Summer Fee and Summer 2024 Usage and Eligibility

Whether you're taking summer classes or just taking a break before the Fall 2024 semester, you can still use University Health Services without any additional summer fee. Your eligibility to use these services depends on your enrollment status and where you currently live.

Counseling and Mental Health Center


A free 3rd party virtual mental health and well-being platform for currently enrolled UT Austin students. Through either the mobile app or desktop, receive 24/7 access to virtual care through phone or secure video visits from anywhere in the United States.

University Health Services

Healthcare Products Delivered

Get over-the-counter medications prescriptions, first-aid supplies, period products, contraception and more delivered.

University Health Services

Summer 2024 Nutrition Education and Skills Workshops

Join a registered dietitian for workshops that focus on learning practical nutrition skills through hands-on activities and discussions, or specialized nutrition education presented in a lecture format with dedicated time for questions and answers.

University Health Services

STI Nurse Screening Clinic

Asymptomatic screenings for chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B and C, HIV and syphilis, confidential, timely results delivered electronically.



Meal Planning Drop-In Workshop

Join a Healthyhorns Dietitian to plan your meals and snacks for the busy week ahead


Rest and Digest Yoga Workshop

Join Jen Barnoud, a registered dietitian and yoga teacher, for a 90-minute workshop blending nutrition science with yogic wisdom explore body-mind connections.


Nutrition for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Learn how PCOS affects the body with an emphasis on complementary nutritional management of PCOS.


Rest and Digest Yoga Workshop

Join Jen Barnoud, a registered dietitian and yoga teacher, for a 90-minute workshop blending nutrition science with yogic wisdom explore body-mind connections.


College Nutrition Essentials

Join us for a crash course on the nutrition essentials you need to support your personal well-being and professional success as a Healthyhorn.