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What does "Play Safe" mean?

For students who choose to be sexually active, "playing safe" means using condoms. Every time. Pregnancy can be prevented in a variety of ways but no contraceptive method besides condoms protects you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The risk of STIs can only be reduced with consistent, correct condom use.

Click here to learn more about condom use.

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The mission of the Healthy Sexuality Education Program is to empower UT students to make healthy sexual decisions that are right for them, including the choice not to have sex.

play safe

DOs and DON'Ts of playing safe:

I always use condoms.
I can't deal with a kid right now.

play safe

DO use condoms every time.

I've never been tested for STIs.
I'd know if I had something, right?

play safe

DON'T assume that no symptoms means no STI.

I don't need to use condoms because I'm on the pill.

play safe

DON'T assume that the pill is all you need.

I'm not ready to have sex yet. My boyfriend and I talked about it and set some limits that we're both comfortable with.

play safe

DO talk to your partner about what you will and won't do.

We got tested for STIs before we had sex, just to be safe.

play safe

DO get tested regularly.

I use the ring but we still use condoms every time. Until we both get tested for STIs, we're going to keep using condoms.

play safe

DO double up on protection to prevent pregnancy and STIs

I don't keep condoms in my purse because I don't want people to assume I'm slutty.

DON'T find yourself without a condom when you need one.