Case Management

CMHC's dedicated case managers are your go-to resource for accessing campus and community services. Whether you're seeking mental healthcare or addressing basic needs, we offer comprehensive assistance, coordination and advocacy to empower your well-being and success.


Access to case management begins with an intake with the Brief Assessment and Referral Team.

How Can Case Managers Assist You?

We focus on two key areas of support:

Accessing Mental Healthcare

For those seeking long-term therapy or psychiatry off campus, we guide you through the process. We provide referrals and help you connect with suitable resources both on and off campus. Your preferences and experiences shape our collaborative approach.

Addressing Basic Needs

Facing challenges like food insecurity or financial stress? We help you look for the right resources, both on and off campus, to address your needs.

Your Case Management Appointment Experience

Every appointment is unique and tailored to your needs. When seeking mental health providers, we gather crucial information to match you with the right fit. For basic needs support, we assess your situation and identify new avenues for assistance. We're here to assist as you communicate and connect with resources.

No Insurance? No Problem

Our case managers can direct you to affordable mental health resources off campus, even without insurance. We explore options, provide guidance and aid in connecting you to available services.

Struggling to Find a Therapist?

We understand the challenges. If you're having difficulty scheduling with therapists or reaching out, we're here to help. We provide additional referrals and can even assist you during calls or with emails.