Bruce the Bat

UT Austin offers a lot of opportunities for fun and socializing. Some Longhorns choose to drink alcohol as part of their experience at UT, but not all Longhorns do. In fact, 81% of UT students report having zero to four drinks during their last social event.

Bruce the Bat is your guide to fun activities happening on campus and in Austin, tips for taking care of your well-being and information on Longhorns' social habits, including how UT Austin students stay safe and have fun if they choose to drink. Bruce gives helpful tips on ways that you and other Longhorns can reduce risks of experiencing negative consequences related to drinking.

How do Longhorns stay safe and have fun?

Eat Before or While Drinking

Having food in your stomach can slow how quickly alcohol gets absorbed into your body to reduce your risk of alcohol poisoning and other types of harm.

79% of Longhorns

eat before or while drinking.

Set a Limit and Count Your Drinks

Plan how much you’ll drink in advance. Understand the alcohol content in a standard drink and how it can affect your body and emotions. Counting your drinks helps you pace yourself and set expectations for the night.

63% of Longhorns

keep track of how many drinks they’ve had.

Alternate Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Drinks

Consume non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated drinks like juice or water in between alcoholic drinks to help you stay hydrated.

Stay in Safe and Familiar Environments

Stick with people you trust and that you know will respect your boundaries.

Have a Plan to Get Home Safe

Consider splitting a rideshare, have a designated driver or take advantage of Capital Metro (free for UT students). If you're on the main campus, you can also take a free LYFT home using UT Night Rides or request a SURE Walk.

91% of Longhorns

make arrangements to get home safely.

Know What to do in an Emergency

Knowing the signs and symptoms of alcohol overdose and how to respond helps you stay prepared to help fellow Longhorns.

UT Austin’s Student Amnesty for Alcohol and Drug Emergencies Policy

Longhorns take care of each other. UT's Student Amnesty for Alcohol and Drug Emergencies Policy ensures you can always call for help in a medical emergency without worrying about getting yourself or someone else in trouble with the University.

97.5% of Longhorns

personally approve of getting medical help for a friend who has drunk too much alcohol.

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