Get Kinetic

Get Kinetic is a program designed specifically for students living in Kinsolving residence hall. The goal of the program is to help you be more physically active, save time and feel safe by providing exercise opportunities right in your residence hall. Engaging in physical activity and exercise has many benefits, such as reducing stress, improving mood, increasing energy, enhancing memory and concentration and promoting better sleep.

When you participate in Get Kinetic you will receive great perks such as:

  • Free TeXercise Passes given to participants
  • Free t-shirts
  • Free snacks and fruit-infused water
  • Engaging and fun classes
  • Getting active with your own community

To get involved with the program or ask questions email

I love the location and the different classes available. I learned how to dance, worked up a sweat, and met great people in the process. It is fun and very easy to access.

—Jane Sinclair
Kingsolving Resident

Participant Survey Results


Reported an increase in self-confidence


Are likely to participate in exercise classes in the future


Felt more connectd to their Kingsoving community


Would absolutely recommend this program to another student