Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention Program

The Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention Program at UT Austin offers initiatives and opportunities to create a connected, empowered body of faculty, staff, and students who actively promote mental health and prevent suicide. These initiatives focus on both enhancing and growing mental health in our community, as well as addressing risk factors and reducing harm around suicide.


Trainings for Groups

We offer a variety of workshop options for your class or organization to promote mental health and prevent suicide. Workshops range from supporting someone in distress, preventing suicide, developing self-care habits and strengthening resilience.

Trainings for UT Community Members

Each semester our program hosts a number of trainings related to mental health and suicide prevention. These educational workshops offer space for Longhorns to gain more knowledge and skills in how to create a culture of care at UT around mental health.

Mental Health Mini-Grants

These grants increase capacity for student organizations who want to host campus programming focused on mental health promotion and suicide prevention. Official or registered student organizations who are hosting a program, event or creating a project that directly focuses on promoting mental health can apply for the grants.

Mental Health Topics

Visit our Healthyhorns health topics page for a variety of information on mental health and preventing suicide.

How to Get Involved

If you have questions about the Longhorn Wellness Center’s suicide prevention and mental health promotion efforts, email