Healthyhorns Sleep

Healthyhorns Sleep offers a variety of resources, education and programs that help you explore your sleep habits, rest and napping.

Getting an average of eight hours of quality sleep per night is an important part of overall health and academic success. The benefits of sufficient sleep are numerous, especially for students, as sleep is essential for increased memory consolidation, learning, decision making and critical thinking. Studies show that students who receive seven to nine hours of sleep had higher grade point averages than students who didn’t get seven to nine hours of sleep regularly.

Importance of Sleep

What Happens When You Sleep What Happens When You Don't Sleep
Ability to concentate and pay attention is restored. Judgment and concentration are impaired.
Maintain better mental health and physical health Immune system is suppressed and increases risk of illness.
Memories are consolidated and stored (necessary for learning). Emotions are heightened, causing irritability, anger, and/or anxiety
Metabolism is regulated. Release of more appetite stimulating hormones that can consequently result in weight gain.
Muscles repair and recover. Reaction time is slowed and more accidents occur.

Healthyhorns Sleep Initiatives

Sleep Kits

Sleep kits are available by request from the Longhorn Wellness Center for student groups, and individuals who are looking to get a better night’s sleep. Sleep kits include the following:

  • Lavender Oil: Aromatherapy methods, including spraying lavender oil on your pillow or around your room, can improve well-being and promote sleep. Lavender spray can also help you wake up feeling more refreshed.
  • Eye Mask and Earplugs: Blocking obstructive light and disruptive noise or sounds can help you sleep better through the night.
  • Chamomile Tea: Drinking herbal, caffeine-free tea can become part of a relaxing bedtime routine that cues your body for sleep.
  • Mini-Journal: Expressing your thoughts, emotions or even simply writing a to-do list can help relieve stress, allowing you to fall asleep with less on your mind.
  • Educational Resources: Learn more about healthy sleep habits and how to incorporate sleep hygiene in your life.

Students can pick up a sleep kit from the Longhorn Wellness Center, Student Services Building 1.106 during open hours, Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Group Sleep Kit requests can be submitted through the request form below. Please note we typically require 2-3 week's notice for larger orders.

Healthyhorns Sleep Assessment

The Healthyhorns Sleep Assessment gives you an opportunity to enter information about your current sleep patterns and provides a snapshot of your current sleep health, including tips for how you might improve your sleep.

Use the Sleep Diary to track your daily sleep habits over one week. Before going to bed, reflect on your daily habits, mood and activities. Upon waking up, note how you’re feeling and anything that delayed or supported your sleep the night before. After completing the Sleep Diary, fill out the Healthyhorns Sleep Assessment to get your personalized feedback on your current sleep patterns and practices. Plus, be entered to win an Amazon Gift Card!

Sleep & Rest 101 Workshop

This workshop provides students with learning opportunities and resources to help them access a better night's sleep. Learn about the importance of sleep, napping, rest and how to integrate good sleep habits into everyday student life. You can request a Sleep & Rest 101 workshop for your group or class.

Resources to Help You Sleep

There are many tools you can use to explore options for better sleep.

Deep Rest Meditation

Get comfortable and enjoy a 10-minute Deep Rest Meditation from the Longhorn Wellness Center. This meditation was recorded in Ellsworth Kelly's "Austin" at the Blanton Museum of Art, and uses color visualization and deep breathing techniques, to support your mind and body towards a better night's sleep.

UT Nap Map

This map represents the best napping spots on campus, as voted on by UT students! Use this map to locate your optimal napping spot. Remember to use caution when picking a nap spot and always keep your belongings with you.

Click on each location for more details. Click on "more" to see the street view of the building. Full descriptions and ratings for each location are also displayed below. Please check the website for each building for the most up-to-date information about business hours. You can also download our Nap Map physical handout.


Note: Each location was rated by student volunteers. All categories are scored from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest. All building hours are subject to change. Some buildings are accessible after hours with a valid UT ID.

Accessibility: Accessibility indicates how easy a student can access the building. It also indicates how easy it is for a student with mobility devices, such as wheelchairs, crutches, and other mobility aids, to access and nap in the spot comfortably and safely. A high accessibility score indicates that the space is very accessible.

Comfort: The comfort score indicates the building’s accommodating environment. Criteria such as temperature, furniture, space and lighting were considered. A high score indicates a very comfortable environment.

Crowd Activity: The number of people in the vicinity of the nap spots in the building determines the crowd activity score. Things considered include the amount of foot traffic in the area, as well as active classrooms with a consistent stream of students. A high crowd activity rating means that the space is almost never crowded.

Noise: The noise score considers the auditory stimuli in the area. Multiple conversations, classroom instruction, and other noises can interfere with a restful nap. A high noise rating indicates a quiet location.

Providing 433,000 square feet of engineering and research, this building is the new home of Texas Engineering. The EER has a large atrium (including the Mundkur E-Loft) full of comfortable sofas and chairs for napping. Additionally, students looking for a quiet place to snooze can find a spot in the McKinney Engineering Library.

With high ceilings, authentic cowhide chairs, leather couches, marble coffee tables and rustic chandeliers, the alumni center surely is a fancy place for a well-deserved nap. In addition to plenty of great furniture, there is also a coffee shop (Texas Expresso) to get some drinks and snacks after your refreshing snooze. Of note: depending on the time of day you visit, the crowd and noise levels may vary because of the coffee shop that is open until 2pm.

Lights! Camera! Sleep! Follow the director's cue and head on over to WIN for a relaxing nap. Not only is it home to state-of-the-art theaters, but the drama building also has quiet corridors and lounge areas that are great for some well-deserved eye-resting.

Located less centrally than some of the other libraries on campus, if you prefer a quieter, less crowded nap spot, the Fine Arts Library is the perfect spot to catch some ZzZs. With multiple floors that offer a variety of different napping spots, this library is sure to give you an amazing nap.

The GDC has great furniture for some relaxation between classes. Centrally located on Speedway, take a quick stop by the GDC to relax on the comfy couches on the main floor or grab a snack from the concessions located inside. Even more napping spots including outside benches that can be found on the upper floors!

The George Sanchez Building houses the College of Education on the south side of campus. The Sanchez building can get busy, but students are sure to find quiet spots throughout the building. The third-floor lounge area on the south side of the building is a serene pocket of quiet space while class is in session. There are also more lounge areas throughout other floors with plenty of comfortable sofas.

The Gregory Gymnasium has several cushioned benches and lounge areas throughout the building that can be a great spot for a quick nap! The Games Room on the third floor has multiple comfortable sofas that are perfect for a refreshing snooze. Additionally, you can spend another 30 minutes after the nap working out, which will only keep you more energized for the remainder of your day. Crowd and noise ratings are based off the Games Room location.

While both Jester East and West are primarily residence halls, there are a few areas within these buildings that are nap friendly with access for non-residents. The main lobby of both halls are well-furnished and good napping spots for those that don’t mind higher noise levels. Besides that, the Malcolm X lounge on the first floor of Jester West is not only close to the J2 and JCL dining hall, but it is also a quiet area that is usually used as an individual study area. A quick twenty-minute nap in here and you’ll be as good as new for the rest of your day!

Kinsolving Residence Hall (KIN)

1st Floor, Gallery of Great Texas Women

  • 4
  • 5
  • 2
  • 5

Kinsolving is open to the public during the day and proves to be a great spot for napping on the north side of campus. It has a great lounge area on the first floor with comfy sofas and cushions that will put you right to sleep. The temperature is very moderate so for those who prefer a perfect room temperature area for their nap, this is the place for you!

The Life Science Library is a great place for that sleep you are craving it right in the moment! Located in the most iconic part of UT, the second floor of the Tower is home to plenty of sofas and chairs for that nap of yours. The temperature is well-suited for a cool nap and the quiet ambiance of the library makes this nap spot definitely one for the books!

The Norman Hackerman Building is not only known for its cool and contemporary architecture but also for its napping spots. There are numerous lounge areas throughout floors 2 through 5 with a wide variety of furniture to choose from. The outer NHB patio is well known for its cool metal seating areas that can be moved into make-shift beds. These are especially comfortable on a sunny day when the shade has kept the seats cool! Not only is this place quiet and quite a good nap spot, but it is a good place to relax the mind.

The 2nd floor seating area provides a quiet respite from the busier lower floors of Patton Hall. Away from most classrooms and offices, this area can be used to sit quietly and study before classes or for some quick shut-eye. The James J. Mulva ROTC Center (5th floor), Martin Dies Student Center (1st floor), and other lounge areas (3rd and 4th floor) are also good places for some napping.

The PCL is a cherished study spot for many. This library is home to multiple floors of silence and space. The STEM room located on the second floor has many comfy chairs and sofas for those who want to take a break from their studies. Collaboration can make this space a little loud during peak areas of the day so it may be better suited for the heavier sleepers. Those who prefer a quiet space can find their prime nap spots on the quiet floors of the library (3rd, 4th, and 6th floors) and in the scholars commons (2nd floor).

The FAC is a great place to study with friends or solo. It can be noisy during the day due to classrooms located in the building, but if you are a heavy sleeper this is the perfect place for you! There are several areas throughout the building (mainly ground, 1st, and 2nd floors) with different types of furniture. It is also located right between the Tower and Guadalupe Street, making it very accessible for people coming from West Campus or on campus itself.

Though this building is mostly for pharmacy students, it has great, comfortable benches lining the hallways for anyone to get a brief nap in! There is a decent amount of chatter with students going to class and studying in the halls, but if you need a quick nap as you move through campus, the PHR is the place for you!

This building has napping potential with ample space and comfortable furniture. If you are just looking for a place to rest your head down, this is the place! The Kuehne Physics Mathematics Astronomy Library is a quiet spot to lay your head in between classes or during study breaks.

Looking for a quick snooze after the trek to your class on the east side of campus? Stop by San Jacinto residence hall for a nap in their well-furnished, virtually silent lounges! The lighting is adjustable and the crowd activity is light—perfect for those with some anxiety about public napping! The formal lounge is particularly a great space with its cozy lighting and comfortable sofas.

Sid Richardson Hall is located on the east side of campus and houses the LBJ School of Public Affairs, as well as the Benson Latin American Collection Library, and features various low chatter nap nooks, in addition to a cafe! On sunny days, the surrounding lawn provides a nice ambience for nappers.

  • 5
  • 4
  • 4
  • 3

Stop by the lawn for a nap with a view! Located in the heart of campus, the South Mall lawn provides a convenient location for nappers seeking out a scenic snooze with a breeze. To avoid the chatter of passing students, plug in your headphones and let the ambiance lull you to rest.

The SSB has lots of great resources for students including comfortable furniture for studying and relaxing between classes. The natural lighting and comfy couches in the lobby provide a great place to get some needed shut eye. The MindBody Lab on the fifth floor also provides a dark, cool space to relax. Stop by the CMHC front desk to inquire about space availability and to check out some relaxation guides.

Long day? Catch up on your ZZZs on this quaint lawn while also watching the UT turtles. The lawn is well-shaded, plush with grass and relatively low volume. Hang out, study, or take a nap in this secluded, charming location!

  • 5
  • 4
  • 5
  • 5

The Union is the place to be when it comes to dim-lit and cozy areas to have some shut-eye on campus. Located right by Guadalupe Street, it has several floors with couches along the hallways, as well as a few private rooms. Some of these areas include the cultural rooms (Asian, Chicano, and African American), Sinclair Suite, Texas Government room and the Campus Events + Entertainment (E+E) lobby. With such an abundance of great spots, you are sure to find an area in this building that is perfect for your morning or afternoon nap.

Bridging the Jones Communication Center Buildings (CMA, CMB) and the William Randolph Hearst Student Media Building (HSM), this plaza is a great outside area for napping. Whether you prefer to lie on the grass turf or plop into the lawn chairs, this plaza is an awesome place for relaxing, working or studying.

Grab a fireside spot in one of the lounges or plop yourself on the cushioned steps upstairs for a guaranteed luxurious snooze. On any given day, you’ll be joined by lots of other nappers and there are outlets to recharge your devices while you nap. Although the WCP’s typically busy during the school week, the upstairs areas and wooden steps avoid much of the chatter you’ll experience in heavier traffic areas. The MindBody Lab on the 2nd floor is also a great space for quiet relaxation. Additionally, there are many comfortable benches and rocking chairs right outside of the WCP that are perfect for naps in nice weather.

How to Get Involved

If you have questions about the Longhorn Wellness Center’s sleep promotion programs, email

Need More Support?

Schedule an appointment with University Health Services, the Counseling and Mental Health Center or another healthcare provider if you experience any of the following problems:

  • Your sleep problems interfere with school, work or relationships with friends or family.
  • You rely on sleep aids or alcohol to make you sleep or on amphetamines or stimulants (or other substances) to keep you alert.
  • You have no control when and where you fall asleep.
  • You have depression, chronic anxiety, pain, a change in medication or another condition that affects your sleep.
  • You snore heavily or stop breathing at intervals during the night, often starting to breathe again with a gasp. Your roommate, spouse or partner complains about your snoring.