Body Image Programs

The Longhorn Wellness Center offers programs and resources that create a supportive environment at UT Austin that positively influences body image and overall well-being.

It's normal to have mixed feelings about your body. Friends, family, classmates, media, cultural norms and personal expectations can all influence how you view yourself, sometimes in good ways and sometimes in not-so-good ways.

Around half of UT students say they struggle with how they look (NCHA 2023). These feelings can affect your mood and your performance in school.

Program Foundations

Our body image related programs are growing! Check back here periodically for updates.

Comfortable Physical Spaces

The Longhorn Wellness Center is dedicated to creating a campus environment where everyone can focus on learning, connecting with others and taking care of their needs. To make this happen, we support:

  • Seating that accommodates all body types
  • Neutral messaging about food
  • A movement culture that emphasizes overall health, not weight


Your families, friends and community groups often have strong beliefs about how your body reflects your overall health. These beliefs shape conversations that influence how you view your body and health. We aim to support close communities with information and tools to understand the impact of your shared environment on everyone's well-being.

Media Influence

Nearly half of people using digital technology turn to social media for advice on health, including food choices, fitness and general lifestyle habits. While the accessibility of free information can be helpful, its accuracy is often questionable. Social media, in particular, appeals to our desire for answers, offering seemingly certain solutions and aspirations for happiness and success. We support developing media literacy skills to help you be thoughtful about how you interpret and act on information. We also encourage you to use neutral messaging around body image, food and movement in shared spaces.

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