Texas Well-Being - Promoting Well-being in UT Learning Environments

Texas Well-being - Promoting Well-being in UT Learning Environments aims to assist faculty in enhancing course design and delivery to promote student mental health. Working closely with academic colleges and departments, the initiative encourages proactive support for student well-being by integrating it into classrooms and departments. Fostering mental health practices among students is a shared responsibility of the entire campus community, not just one department.

Within this site, information is presented as a menu of strategies, tools and resources for faculty. These strategies are research-based and stem from successful practices employed by UT faculty in supporting student well-being. Consider your teaching style and personal interactions when selecting strategies; choose what aligns with your approach and execute it effectively. Some strategies are easier to integrate, and even simple ideas, when authentic, can make a significant impact, according to student feedback.

Additionally, within this website, we frequently mention the "40 Assets for the Forty Acres," a framework rooted in evidence-based practices from the Search Institute. These assets serve as protective factors, enhancing student success and reducing the risk of substance misuse and mental health challenges. These factors provide a valuable perspective for fostering thriving academic environments. Refer to the 40 Assets for the Forty Acres section for a complete list of the 40 Assets. Icons in the key identify these assets throughout the website—click on an icon to discover actionable steps for implementing these assets in your learning environments.

Lastly, Texas Well-being - Promoting Well-being in UT Learning Environments has begun to collaborate with SHIFT. SHIFT and WBLE both aim to support faculty in their efforts to create a healthy environment for student learning and success.


The University of Texas at Austin
Longhorn Wellness Center
Student Services Building
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Phone: 512-475-8252

Thea Woodruff, Ph.D., Program Coordinator, Texas Well-being - Promoting Well-being in UT Learning Environments