Mindful Practices

Foundations of Stress Management Course (HED 112)

This course is an examination of stress, mindfulness, and multiple means of stress management. We explore the science of stress and how it impacts our health, the history and benefits of mindfulness, and then engage with different stress management practices each week thereafter. The ultimate of this course is for students to use healthy coping strategies on a consistent basis, as well as have tools to address stressors that will arise from being a college student. This course is a 1 credit, seminar course that is offered every fall and spring term and is open to any student.

Daily Mindfulness Calendar

Week of July 21


Nature Sunday

Journaling Outdoors

Spend some time journaling outdoors. Write about how you feel in nature. Find a plant that stands out to you and write about what it would say if it could talk. You could even draw some of the scenery around you.


Meditation Monday

Resting in Awareness

Follow along to this guided meditation. Allow yourself to just be. Allow thoughts to drift away as easily as they enter.


Gratitude Tuesday

Grateful For Green

Take a few minutes today to write down 3 things you are grateful for that are green. What do you notice while writing this list?


Movement Wednesday

Mindful Stretching Break

Follow along with this video about adding mindfulness to your day by focusing on the sensations of various stretches. What do you notice?


Art Form Thursday

Let's Listen

Listen to a song that you love right now and do nothing else. Choose something to focus on while you listen: instruments, rhythm, or lyrics. Bring all of your attention to this one song.


UT Resource Friday

Listen to a Mind Body Lab Track

Utilize the link to discover meditation tracks from the UT Mind Body Labs. Even if you aren't in a lab location, feel free to listen to the tracks!


Connection Saturday

Phone a Friend

Call a friend you've been meaning to connect with for a while and catch up with them!